Jennifer Utz


T: + 1.646.763.2947

Jennifer is a unique blend of Multimedia Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker, and Front End Web Developer, with over fifteen years of experience in the industry.

As an accomplished cinematographer and editor, Jennifer has established herself as a one-woman band specializing in humanitarian news. Her clients include The United Nations, UNHCR, IRIN-News, BBC America, and CBS News. Jennifer has worked in nearly 40 countries; most recently on assignment in Haiti, Egypt, Bolivia, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel/Palestine, where she produced short documentaries on humanitarian issues for IRIN-News.

As a producer for the acclaimed television and radio program Democracy Now!, Jennifer was able to put her technical and creative skills to use to deliver breaking news stories for a daily show. In 2006, she was one of the first journalists to highlight the extent of displaced Iraqis as a result of the war in Iraq. Her reports aired on ABC World News Tonight, France 24, Democracy Now! and Current TV. In 2008, she launched Iraqi Refugee Stories, which received praise from numerous publications and organizations, including Mother Jones, The Utne Reader, and UNHCR.

Her experience with Iraqi refugees inspired her to direct a feature documentary film, From Baghdad to Brooklyn, which follows the life of an Iraqi refugee and his struggle to escape exile in Syria and gain asylum in the U.S. The film premiered on Netflix in 2015.

As a Front End Web Developer, Jennifer develops interactive experiences, websites, and HTML5 banner ads for clients that include J Crew, Chanel, Nike, DirectTV, TD Bank, Maidenform, Avon, Voya, Petsmart, PepBoys, Capital Group and Penguin Books. She is also DoubleClick QA Certified for banner ads.